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Smolnikov Yu. B. The Shift to the Right in Denmark: the Rise of the Danish Peoples Party (19952017) ( : (19952017)
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Hasip Saygili. Book Review: Memorabilia of the Balkan Wars, Uniforms, medals and heirlooms from the belligerent armies of 19121913, Vasilios Nikoltsios, Yannis Mylonas: (Thessaloniki: Logos & Ikona, 2015), 128p. ( : , , 1912-1913 ., , : (: , 2015), 128 .)
. . : . : / .. , . .: , 2016. 144.:.
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Historical sciences

Turanly F. G. Ukrainian Cossacks: marches on the southern shores of the Black Sea
Sinitskiy A. Ts. Ukrainian idea in the works of representatives of the national intellectual elite at the turn of the epochs (MidXVI MidXVII)
Skokov O. D. Economic development of Ostroh during the Middle age and the Early Modern periods in the historiography of the mid of the XIX the beginning of the XXI centuries (outside perspective)
Kryvosheya I. I., Kvasnevska O. S. Comparative studies of the Russian mentality of the Nicholas epoch as an antidote against Russian Mirage
Mohnatyuk I. A. . Franko on the role of intellectuals in the development of Ukrainian society
Radchenko N. M. Financial public reporting of credit institutions as a source of history study f credit and banking system of Ukraine (19501917)
Yartsun . . Diseases of the nobility and their treatment in the 19th century (based on Kyiv province materials)
Lozynskyi A. F. Galicians in the lints of First World War
Grigorenko I. V. Private letters and epistolary form: the historical aspect of the interaction
Shvydkyi S. . The establishment and functioning of the public health system in Ukraine (2030s of the XXth century)
Vargatyuk S. V. The activities of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission at the Paris peace conference of 19191920
Orlov V. . The relations between the Soviet authorities and the Russian Orthodoxy in Ukraine during of the 1920s the first half of the 1950s in modern Ukrainian historiography: overall analysis
Poniedielnyk L. A. Evolution of Volyn literature of interwar period (19211939)
Slesarenko . . The difficulties of the local authority activities of Central Commission for National Minorities and methods to overcome them (19241929)
Kotyk Yu. V. Recovery of tax administration in the USSR 19431945 years
Kravchuk L. V. Cult educational activities tasks and libraries and rural club and during cinemafication Sovietization Ternopil during September 1939 June 1941
Svynarenko N. . Evacuation of industrial enterprises from the Sloboda Ukraine in 1941 and 1942: modern native historiography of the problem
Orlyanskiy V. S. Livestock of Zaporozhye region during the Nazi occupation (19411943)
Kasianova N. M. The legal framework of agricultural resettlements in Ukrainian SSR in 4060s
Marmilova O. S. Letters of forced labourers from Donetsk region as a historical source
Ilkovych V. M. The state and ideological orientations of the Ukrainian Soviet cinematography (1945 mid1950s)
Lukyanenko . V. Caricature wars in the educational media of the Ukrainian SSR of the thaw period (19531964) (P.3)
Malaschuk O. S. State of Ukraines viticulture in the early twentieth century
Bezditko B. M. To the characteristics of the status of the subject of cult in administrative relations with the USSR in the implementation period of the state policy on the separation of church and state and school and church
Rudenko S. B. Hybrid philosophy of history in Museum of Great Patriotic war in Kiev (second part of 1990s)
HaiNyzhnyk P. P. The occupation and annexation of the Crimea to Russia in 2014 as an act of aggression against Ukraine, the course of the invasion and evidence of international crimes
Stasyuk Yu. M. Historical sources of volunteer battalions participated in the antiterror operation
Rustamova D. Socioeconomic development of Azerbaijan at the turn of the XIXXX centuries
Smolnikov Yu. B. The Shift to the Right in Denmark: the Rise of the Danish Peoples Party (19952017)
Kazymov D. Reorganization of the Abbasid Caliphate in Egypt
Khasaev N. The trade and economic cooperation issues between Azerbaijan and the countries of Eastern Europe in the 7080 years of the twentieth century in terms of Azerbaijan historiography
Ahmadova H. Target evaluation of NATOS work (19912010)
Hrubinko A. V. UKs position on issues of foreign and security policy of the EU at the stage of adoption the Constitutional Treaty (20012005)
Zatovskyi B. O. The war and the church: Serbian Orthodoxy during the Balkan wars as it is described in the 19131914
Petryk A. M. A policy of the Lithuanian state is in relation to national minority in time of the First republic (19181940)
Korsak R. V., Furtiy V. V. The history of tourism in the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
Pikovska T. V. Development of Czechoslovak national liberation motion is in the First world wartime (19141918)

Philosophicl sciences

Barkov D. Y. Erich Fromms alienation concept in the context of the information society
Gudima I. P. Theistic Cosmology by Richard Swinburne: new trends in theology
Malishena Y. O. Science policy as a characteristic of S.Fullers social epistemology
Pastushenko A. O. Between idealism and positivism: D.I.Kachenovskyis methodological revolt
Belozyorova R. O. The phenomenon of the will in the context of sociophilosophical problems of power
Beniuk O. B. Experiment in the European and Ukrainian Futurism
BulanovaDuvalko L. F. The aesthetic and philosophical dimensions of the transformations of femininity in the household space
Vergeles K. M. Anthropological dimensions of philosophy and religion
Goncharova O. O. The major trends in spreading of precarization in social practices of the Ukrainian youth
Dzhura O. D. Ways of youth vocational guidance providing (Philosophicaleducational understanding)
Drobotenko M. O. Intercultural philosophy: concept definition
Zinchenko N. O. Man, nature and medicine in the era of modernity: aspects of interaction
Ivanchuk V. V. Historical and philosophical context of forming the concept of alienation
Kadievskaya I. A. Love as the highest form of acceptance between people
Karanfilova E. V. Philosophy of creativity in the innovative paradigm of sociality
Kitsul M. A. New Testaments values as the basis of the Orthodox pedagogy
Lavrova L. V. Physical and spiritual socialization of personality: philosophical dimension
Levchenko T. G. Understanding of faith in modern Orthodox theology
Maksuta M. E., Mala Y. L. On the problem of life choices in Ukrainian feminism first third of the twentieth century
Melnyk V. V. Theoretical and methodological foundations of virtual reality and a new type of virtual identity of personality
Moravetskiy O. M. Antropologzation scientific rationality as the humanitarization of scientific discourse
Mofa S. O. Nationalism and its role in contemporary Ukrainian society
Muliarchuk Ye. I. Calling in the minds of contemporary Ukrainians: individual opinions and the general structure of the phenomenon
Ponedilok A. I. Suicide as a manifestation of self-destruction of a person in philosophical and religious reflection
Raychinets A. V. Islamic theology towards ecumenical hermeneutics
Romanenko O. Ya. Research of the normative principles of social coexistence in the context of the tradition of philosophizing in Englishspeaking world
Svystun V. V. New music as music of avantgarde and postmodern: to the problem of chronological and conceptual topography
Skorovarova E. V., Siliutina I. M. The concept of information activities in a modern scientific discourse
Slyusar V. M. Mythical violence as a form of social violence in the process of social transformation
Fedorova I. I., Stetsura K. O. Sociocreative strategies of mediaculture in philosophical interpretation: from culture industry to the control panel of civilization
Khvoynytska Kh. M. Ukrainian thinkers of the ղՖ centuries on the natural law of foundations of the state
Shavrina I. V. Perfection of man as a problem of Orthodox anthropology
Kravchenko A. A. Structural dimension of humanitarian culture of personality: philosophical and educational aspects
Matvienko I. S. Gender situation in Ukrainian education
Rogova E. G. The catharsis possibilities of school religious education
Yakovleva O. V. Multilingualism in Ukrainian society and higher education of Ukraine: sources, specificity, principles of evaluation

Political sciences

Dzhura M. Z. Yan TokarzhevskyyKarashevych a politician and a diplomat of the period of the national liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people for independence of their state in the first half of the XX century
Vonsovych O. S. Referendum on Ukraines accession to NATO: an objective reality
Semchynskyy K. V. Improving the efficiency of UN Security Council after the Russian aggression against Ukraine
Liasota A. Y. Crisis of civilization identity of modern Ukrainian society
Morar N. V. The political opposition as an integral element of the political system
Shymanova O. V. Differentiation information in political communicatio
Khudoliy A. O. The USA and the IRP at the Beginning of the 21st century: cooperation or confrontation?
Shaposhnikov A. O. Institutional insolvency as a sign of a quasistate (on the example of postsocialist countries in Europe and Asia)
Nabiev B. Foreign and national geopolitical theory that influenced the change of order in the international system
Trofimov E. A. Russia in the phenomenology of negative political instability: the question of Russian power
Kan Den Sick. The peaceful transformations at the NEA and the unification of the Korean Peninsula

Scientific life

Hasip Saygili. Book Review: Memorabilia of the Balkan Wars, Uniforms, medals and heirlooms from the belligerent armies of 19121913, Vasilios Nikoltsios, Yannis Mylonas: (Thessaloniki: Logos & Ikona, 2015), 128p. ISBN: 9786188024052.
Ivanyuk I. A. Illustrated biography: thoroughness of source visualization. Book Review: Illustrated biography of Michael Hrushevsky / Avt.stop. Svetlana Pankova, Anna Kondaurova. K.: Lybid, 2016. 144p.:il.
Nikitin Y. O. Review of the monograph: KononenkoV.V. The Jewish population of Podillya (40ies XX century early of the XXI century): Monograph / V.V.Kononenko. Vinnytsia: TOV NILANLTD, 2017. 370p.
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