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Senchenko A. Y., Kokhan I. I., Pushkova O. P. Art as the dominant in the context of the formation of the moral personality ( )
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. . : .. [ ]: [ ]: [] /.. . (1 (PDF): 16,5 ). ³: , 2017. 147.
.. : Tadeusz Srogosz MIĘDZY WOJNĄ A MODERNIZACJĄ. Studia z dziejów kresów południowowschodnich Rzeczypospolitej w XVIIXVIII wieku. Częstochowa, Wydawnictwo im. Stanisława Podobińskiego Akademii im.Jana Długosza w Częstochowie, 2016. 267s.


Historical sciences

Soldatenko V. F. Ukrainian party and crisis Hetman regime in 1918 (Historical and political context)
Zinkevych R. D. Establishment and operation of the First Ukrainian Corps under General Skoropadskyi (to the 100th anniversary of its formation)
Cherevychnyi G. S., Danylenko R. M. The repressive activity of revolutionary tribunals in Ukraine in 1919
Sydorova O. M. Problems of Ukrainian social and political movement in the Vladimir Miyakovskiy scientific works
Cavchuk I. I., Zhuravlev S. A. Cultural and social work of the Hrushevskych family in the second half of the 19th early 20th century (in the context of activity of Marii Sylvestrivny Hrushevskoi and Marko Fedorovycha Hrushevskogo)
Egorov V. V. Ukrainian problem on the Vestnik Yevropy magazine pages in the 1860s1890
Moskaleva Yu. R. Child neglect and homelessness in southern Ukraine, in the period of the bourgeois reform: analysis of legislation
Dvorkin I. V. The University Museum Affairs in the Russianruled Ukraine (ղ early centuries)
Mukhanov V. M. Historical analysis of research affairs in soybean production in Ukraine in late XIX early XX century
Oleshko N. P., Zolotarov V. S. Characteristics of the PolishUkrainian Confrontation in Galicia in the Early XX Century by the Ukrainian Naddnipryansk Press
Lytvyn N. N. Trade and economic education and its role in the professional higher education system of Ukraine in 19201930ies
Mohnatyuk I. O. Ivan Frankos views on religion
Slavich E. V. Donbass peasantry on the eve of Stalins revolution from above
Kostiuchok O. V. The question of cultural identification of Saint Sophia of Kyiv (11th ct.) in publications of architect bulletin Architecture of the USSR in the first half of 1930ss
Shulha V. P. Breed zoning as a method of mass improvement of local livestock in USSR of 3070s of the XX century
Kravchuk L. V. Nova Ternopil Sovietization press as a means of land in September 1939 June 1941
Kuzmynskyy E. G. The main periods of Western Ukrainian emigration
Lavrut O. O. Echoes of Soviet commonplace in the pages of Primer 1946 years edition
Lenartovych O. Y. Attempts UkrainianPolish agreement during the Second World War
Lukyanenko . V. Caricature wars in the educational media of the Ukrainian SSR of the thaw period (19531964) (P.4)
Golik M. M. Transformation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the formation and development of Ukrainian independence (19912007)
Stepanchuk Y. S. The formation of new emage of Bohdan Khmelnytsky in the materials of republican historical readins The Ukrainian Cossack state: sources and ways of historical development
Bratus I. V. Search for ways to preserve historical memory in education
Lotsman R. O. Ukrainian folk singing: from the ancient times to nowadays
Markovych M. M. The Emperor Julians Persian campaign in AD 363
Boichenko H. V. Particular qualities of Vikings family traditions
Stebelyak O. V. Jews and Judaism in the legislation of Justinian
Sinitskiy A. Ts. The impact of the Union of Lublin of 1569 on the incorporation of Ukrainian princely noble elite by the political system of Poland (Historiographical approaches)
Nagnibeda O. O. The main directions and priorities of Irelands activity in the UN (19501960)
Rajabova N. R. The problems of interstate relations in the South Caucasus in 20112017
Suhobokova . ., Brahar E. V. Historical aspects of industrial development of French Algeria before and during the war of independence
Cherednichenko O. V. Urban sanitary and hygienic policy of English central and local authorities, 13001500
Shinkarenko V. V. Historical aspects of Patriotic education in foreign countries

Philosophicl sciences

Bohun K. M. The development of the philosophical phobiology in J.K.Rowlings Harry Potter series
Kolomiiets A. E. Ethical and philosophical analysis of Otto von Bismarck politics
Lytvynenko T. S. Philosophical orientations of Friedrich Froebels didactics
Mandryshchuk L. A. On the track of Kierkegaards ideas in the philosophy of Martin Heidegger
Slotiyk P. V. Philosophical discourse Yu. Habermasa the problem of postmodern transition
Merlyanova O. A. Womens images in the choreographic works of Pavlo Virsky
Bilous A. O. Emoticon as an argumentative construct: logicrhetorical analysis
Vergeles K. M. Orthodox religion in the modern Ukrainian society
Klymchuk O. Yu. Analysis of philosophical and theological principles of Protestant entrepreneurial ethics
Kovalchuk N. D. Sophianity conception in the iconographical images context
Vershyna V. A., Savchenko S. V. Office and its image: documentation at the service of bureaucratic antiutopia
Volynets A. A. Chaotic as an esthetic principle of computer art
Gansova E. A. Space of fashion in the context of interdisciplinarity
Voronkova V. G., Maksimenyuk M. Yu., Nikitenko V. O. Internet as basis of forming the global information society: trends, criteria, mechanisms
Kuzomnska L. G. Features of linguistic picture of the world
Levkulych V. V. The sociocultural conditionality of justice
Baiuzheva A. A. Communicative sphere as a factor in the formation of modern brand identity
Matviienko O. I. The symbol in the worldview system
Levchenko T. G. Triad faithhopelove in New Testament theology
Gavel A. R. Axiological principles modern Orthodox Christian identity
Yehupov M. V. Sport as a social and cultural phenomenon: in search of axiological hierarchy
Zhangozha A. R. The systematization of approaches to the logical modeling of argumentative reasoning in the Program of Artificial Intelligence
Nimchyn S. O. Ontological analysis existential absurd
Nosach B. . Virtual economic environment of modern society: the path of social transformation
Onofriichuk O. A. Dynamics of the process of social development and intercultural interaction
Pavlova T. S. Sociophilosophical context of positive and intuitive to the right
Plakhotniuk V. G. Features of globalization pop culture Ukraine second half of the century in the context of national identity
Polivoda A. A. Hermeneutical aspects of the dialogue between the reader and the literary text
Polishchuk O. S. Influence of the means of communication on the formation of the hierarchy of values and value orientations of the personality
Senchenko A. Y., Kokhan I. I., Pushkova O. P. Art as the dominant in the context of the formation of the moral personality
Stetsyuk R. V. The influence of Christian soteriology in forming ethical and anthropological ideas in the spiritual culture of Kievan Rus
Tsarenok A. V. Byzantine aesthetics of the asceticism as the factor of church architecture development
Schavrina I. V. Philosophicalreligious comprehension of the problem of personal fulfillment
Shyp N. A. The cultural component of state and European integration of Ukraine
Haydych N. M. Philosophical and educational strategies in Ukraine XXV century
Kyykov O. Philosophical and methodological approaches of international education
Kitsul M. O. Basic principles of modern Catholic pedagogy
Velicodna Y. M. Media education as a factor in ensuring human health: the philosophical dimension of the problem
Vykhovanets Z. S. Dialogical form of language and cognitive structures related to social and economic reality
Megega G. B. Practical issues of delegation of authorities in the sphere of state educational policy executive authorities and local selfgovernment in the conditions of reforming of education and decentralization of authority
Podoliakina O. V. Integrative transformation of communicative discourse and critical philosophy in the context of globalization of the education system

Political sciences

Kartunov . V. Method of SWOT analysis in modern scientific discourse
Vasylchuk E. O. Socioeconomic factors and the occurrence of illegal paramilitary and military units in Ukraine
Bakradze L. M. Social reforms as a kind of social management
Biletska A. V. Factors of effective statehood and national unity in social and regional integration of Ukraine: historical background and prospects
Voitenko Yu. M. Features of the relationship between central and local governments in Ukraine
HaiNyzhnyk P. P. Basic principles of deoccupation strategy and reintegration of Crimea in the context of Ukraines national security, touches the problem and solution areas
Grechko O. Yu. Theoretical and conceptual framework for state migration policy: national and foreign experience
Edeleva M. A. Formation of the national informational space of Ukraine: current state and further perspectives
Ievsiukova A. V. Civic education as a factor of formation of civic patriotism young people in the context of Ukrainian political modernity
Zaruba V. Y. Social policy: in search of an effective national model
ManailoPrykhodko R. Yu. Characteristics of nationalization rate of Ukraines party system according to the results of parliament elections of year 2014
Mantashyan M. K. Political stability in Ukraine: internal and external challenges
Moroz N. A. The establishment of legislation in the spiritual and cultural spheres as an important ground for the formation of civil society in Ukraine
Vonsovych O. S. Munich outcomes for European and international security
Ishcheikin K. Y. The French experience of implementation the participatory budgeting as an instrument of participatory democracy
Kan Den Sick. The fate of small states situated in the conflict zone
Kulchitska O. V. Nonpermanent membership of Ukraine in UN Security Council: past and present
Litvinenko I. Political concepts of social justice: justice as fairness against fairness as the exchange
Mironenko T. V. Political decisionmaking process under crisis management conditions
Kanavets M. V. The role of the public in the promotion of public administration reform
Mikheichenko M. A. Civic engagement as a factor of development of contemporary international relations
Khorishko L. S. The political elite as the subject of modernization of political system in the S.Huntingtons concept
Chuprin R. V. The atypical options of contamination in modern electoral systems
Yanovska O. V. Participatory democracy: a driving force of formation of civil society institutions

Scientific life

Denisyuk S. G. Review of the manual: KornienkoV.. Ukraine in Europe and the World [Electronic resource]: [online guide on EuroAtlantic integration]: [electronic] study guide /V..Kornienko. Electronic text data (1file (PDF): 16.5MB). Vinnitsa: VNTU, 2017. 147p.
Kryvosheia I. I. Review of the monograph: Tadeusz Srogosz Between War and Modernization. Studies on the History of SouthEastern Borderlands of the PolishLithuanian Commonwealth in XVIIXVIII century Czestochowa, Stanislav Podobinskiy Publishing House of Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa, 2016. 267p.
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