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Pashayev E. N. Changing energy policies of the USA and role of the solar power (̳ 㳿)
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Historical sciences

Hulyma O. P. Crimean TatarUkrainian relations from the period of the Khmelnitsky Uprising to the demise of the Crimean Khanate
Dzyublenko . ., Tokareva O. V. Socioeconomic activity of local boards of Ukraine: historiography
Bohatchuk S. S. Economic development of Ukrainian lands and spread of the railway network in the 6070ies XIX century
Sinitskiy A. Ts. Liberaldemocracy tradition and Ukrainian national idea (XIX first half of the XX century)
Vargatyuk S. RussianUkrainian relations in the restoration of UPR laws after the overthrow of P. Skoropadskys hetmanate (November 1918 January 1919)
Vitenko Z. R. Foreign delegations in the USSR in the 20ies of XX century
Guchko O. I. Some aspects of the development of the healthcare system in Northern Bukovyna (in the 2030ies of the XX century)
Dzhura M. Z. Yan TokarzhevskyyKarashevych as a knight of Christian orders
Bedyk Ya. P. Create the Court Troika at the SPA Colleagium and its powers in 19321933
Zholob M. P. The case of the Polish Military Organization and the repression of the Poles of Ukraine during the 1930s
Ilchyshyn S. O. Features of the School campaign 1933
Yavorskyi A. A. Aid activities of the Ukrainian professional organizations, scientific and technical clerisy in Czechoslovakia in the 192030s
Turmys N. V. Ukrainian studies of the interwar period in Vienna
Trohanyak A. S. Hard times in the life of Ukrainian during operation Vistula
Shulha V. P. The heuristic potential of the periodization method in historical and biographical studies (on the example of research of Professor M.Kravchenkos activities)
Gavrysh I. V. Religious and political processes on the territories of the Stanislaviv diocese of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church before and during carrying out of Lviv union
Lukyanenko . V. Caricature wars in the educational media of the Ukrainian SSR of the thaw period (19531964) (P.5)
Savchuk A. A. Emancipation reform 1861 in the historiography of USSR in 19501960
Sholota Kh. V. The Struggle of Ukrainian Womens Organizations of Canada for Human Rights and Independence of Ukraine (5080s of 20th century)
Levchuk K. I. The changes in political and legal status of associations of citizens in terms of transformation of Ukrainian society (19851991)
Govorovskiy A. V. Historical, social and cultural transformation postal services in Ukraine late XX beginning of XXI century
Vashkevych V. M, Makarchuk S. S., Bobina O. V. Rehabilitated by History as the sourceproject: history, experience, perspectives
MandrykMelnychuk M. V. The historical reconstruction of the Bucovina branch of Huzars pedigree
Nechepurenko . O. Some issues of military service at the present stage of development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: historical and legal analysis
Bratus I. V. Historical and cultural aspects of the coverage Taras Shevchenko
Ivashchenko M. M. Analysis of sources on staffing of youth press in Ukraine
Krugliak M. E. Tourism in the postYugoslav states. Croatia: an example for Ukraine
Ismailov A. External relations in the sphere of preparation of oil staff in the higher educational institutions of the Azerbaijan Republic at the beginning of the XXI century
Mamedova G. Activities of political parties and organizations in Azerbaijan after the April occupation of 1920
Pashayev E. N. Changing energy policies of the USA and role of the solar power
Umudlu I. B. About the history of genealogic tradition Azerbaijanis
Khovrych S. M. Training students an important part of the educational and training process universities Empire in the early century
Kulchitska O. V. Nonpermanent membership of Ukraine in UN Security Council: past and present

Philosophicl sciences

Spivak V. V. The influence of Senecas heritage on the philosophical component to Ukrainian sermons XVII century
Klymkiv S. M. Italian riligious misticism of Joachim of Fiore and its influence in XIII century
Goncharenko D. I. Socioecomics teaching of easternChristian theologians of the Middle Age
Hrdnytskyi . V. The need for reactualization of the Modernity project of social contract in the practical philosophy of the XXI century
Drobotenko M. O. The functional potential of modern philosophical communities
Zahudaieva O. A. Formal models of persuasion dialogue and their use at modelling of legal argument
Ilina H. V. Visual turn in the situation of new epistemological reality
Ishchuk N. V. Theolgical status of teology of communication
KyrychenkoM. S. Obsessive strategies of humanizing knowlage and power: fooling, domestication, bestylization, pastoral humanizm, fuhrerdaseinhumanism, dehumanization, antihumanism, new military humanism, anonymous egoismhumanism
Oleksenko R. I. Formation and development of homo economicus in the context of globalization and information revolution
Pohasii L. P. Social and cultural dependence of language
Savchenkov O. G. Pragmatic aspect of clip thinking
Siliutina I. M. Information activity in network society
Slivinska A. F. Evolution of hospitality in a consumer society: from classic to creative consumerism
Tarasyuk L. S. External and internal freedom of integral personality
Tsarenok A. V. Liturgical synthesis of arts in byzantine religious culture
Yarema N. S. Formation of the concept of social stratification in Ukrainian philosophical thought
Golik M. M., Tomyuk I. M. Historical and philosophical views on the ethical constants of servicemen
Logvynenko V. I. Role models of female identification as a means of personal fulfillment
Megga G. B. Value orientation on protection and renewal of physical and spiritual health of individuals and society as a majorprere quisite for the preservation of national security of Ukraine
Shchetinin O. V. Russian empire state policy on religious organizations in Ukrainian lands in late XVIII first half of XIX centuries
Yushkevich Y. S. Transformation of the axiosphere of Ukrainian education in the context of European integration processes
Lukashenko M. V. Education in the context of the crisis of sociality in information society
Veryovkin V. V. Philosophy of education as an innovative direction of the latest philosophical and pedagogical research
Efendiyeva K. R. Philosophical interpretation of relationships in the field of health
Rasulova E. Historical memory and types of culture: in search of interaction

Political sciences

Bakradze L. M. Decentralization in Ukraine in the conditions of modern challenges
Berezinskiy V. P. The demarcation of the concepts of legal subsidiarity and political subsidiarity in the context of the decentralization of power in Ukraine
Vasylchuk E. O. Political and legal factors of illegal paramilitary and military units in Ukraine
Shchedrova G. P. Institutional dysfunction of political elite in Ukraine
Gotsuliak V. M. The influence of Freemasonry on the formation of nationalpublic opinion Petliura
Danilenko S. I., Sobotyuk M. I. International broadcasting multimedia platform of Ukraine as an instrument of countering external informational influences
Karpenko S. V. The Internal Management System in Cossack Ukraine
Kartunov A. V. Processes of nation and state building and destroying: analysis, synthesis, hypotheses
Klyachin A. K. Changing the political configuration of local councils as a result of the introduction of a new electoral system (by the example of the Dnepropetrovsk City Council)
Voichuk A. Yu. The appearance and development of the institute of presidency
Mordovets M. V. The crisis of political participation: an analysis of the results of parliamentary elections in Ukraine in 2012 and 2014
Nikolaichuk Ch. . The role and place of womens social organizations in the political process
Ivanchenko K. O. Network approach in political studies: formation and development trends
Bondarenko O. I., Malyhin O. V. The analysis of Eurosceptic views dissemination among EU citizens
Vonsovych O. S. The Rome Declaration of the European Union 2017: the conceptual framework for further development
Kravchenko V. Yu. Features of political violence in failed states
Mammadali F. The evolution of geopolitics and the transformation of the perception of the category of space in geopolitics
Khonin V. M. The matrix of ranking of international technogenic relations. Introduction
Seidov M. The rights and powers of the administrative bodies of the Azerbaijani states in the XV century
Dolia I. M. The role of regional political elites of the North Caucasus in the modern Russian Federation

Scientific life

Zashkilniak L.O. Review of the monograph: Kutska O.M. Propagandistic supply of the Red Army entering and staying at the territory of Europe (19441945): Monograph / O.M. Kutska. Lviv: National Army Academy, 2017. 399 p.
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