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Danylyan . G., Parfyonova . R., Zakharova . V. On the question of the freedom of the peoples of Bessarabia ( ᳿)
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Lyadneva A. V. The practice of charitable interventions of building an inclusive educational environment ( )
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Historical sciences

Bilovus L. I. Preserving of the USA Ukrainians national identity in the Ukrainian National Associations activities (based on the diasporas periodicals materials)
Bondarenko D. Ya. The monarchist counterrevolution in Eastern Europe in 19181919: the main stages
Borodai I. S. Purposefulness as a criterion for the identification of intellectual systems (on the example of the activities of the scientific schools)
Bratus I. V. Modern tools for the preservation of cultural and historical materials (the prerequisites for becoming)
Vargatyuk S. V. Interparty quarrels of Ukrainian politics in the realm of international relations of the UPR Directory era
Danylyan . G., Parfyonova . R., Zakharova . V. On the question of the freedom of the peoples of Bessarabia
Ilkovych V. M. Features of development of cinematography in the Soviet Ukraine after World War II (19451955)
Karpus D. O. M. V. DovnarZapolskiys scientific school functioning in the most intense period (19111915)
Kostiv M. B. The process of the first presidential election of independent Ukraine in 1991: historical aspect
Leontiev Yu. O. Historiographical analysis of the formation and development of training officers for the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Lukyanenko . V. Caricature wars in the educational media of the Ukrainian SSR of the thaw period (19531964) (P.6)
Maksuta M. E., Mala Y. L. Complementarity of the reception of the female question in the Ukrainian philosophy of the second half of the XIX the first third of the twentieth century
Mingazutdinova G. I. Foreign policy of the postCarimov Uzbekistan
Sydorova O. The history of Ukrainian culture in the creative heritage of Vladimir Miyakovskiy (18881972)
Sydorova O. The history of Ukrainian culture in the creative heritage of Vladimir Miyakovskiy (18881972)
Khovrych S. M. Language policy in Ukraine: a historical perspective

Philosophicl sciences

Andreev . V. Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church. Matthew 16: 18, in the anteNicene church literature period
Andrusiv L. Z. Research of rationalistic tendencies in Ukrainian philosophical thought of the 11th17th centuries: a review of historical and philosophical works
Blazhevich N. O. Formation range of scientific areas and methodological approaches G.M.Dobrov
Bredun I. V. Eshatology Platon
Bilous A. O. Levels of formallogical analysis of internetdiscourse
Briukhovetskyi M. M. Knowledge as a factor of social and economic development of information society
Haydych N. M. Modern understanding of the theory of intelligence (G.Gardner, D.Hlouman, D.Harpern)
Hamsheieva V. M. Formula developmentprogress in philosophy of history K. . Leontiev
G Weizhen. Transformation of the planetary world as the condition for the formation of global education
Garbar G. A. Theoretical and practical aspects of the formation and development of quality tourism in the hospitality industry
Gerasimenko D. G. The process of democratization in the modern world: a categorical imperative against a hypothetical
Goyman O. O. Determining factors of social myth making
Gordienko O. O. Soft management in the postmodern: an analysis of the works of French thinkers
Hrebeniuk A. V. Modern myth: a problem of explication
Didenko L. V., KondrashovaDidenko V. I. Philosophicalandeconomic dimensions of innovation
Ivanov Y. V. Sociophilosophical understanding of ungovernability: the development of the Ukrainian local community
Kachmar O. V. Child and adolescent aggression as an object of educational influence: an attempt at philosophical conceptualization
Kyykov O. Yu. Internationalization of education in the middle ages
Kyrychenko M. A. Creation of online and networking values culture in discourse field of virtual reality
lik I. G. The tourist industry of our time is a cultural phenomenon
Krysyuk I. M. Ideas Kiev as a New Jerusalem and New Zion in the works of orthodox polemicists of XVIXVII centuries
Lyadneva A. V. The practice of charitable interventions of building an inclusive educational environment
Maslikova I. I. Ethical legitimization of harm and considerations of the common good
Morozova L. P. Value orientations in the system of assessmentvalue relations
Mulyar V. I. About the problem of identity of human individuum
Mulyar V. I. About the problem of identity of human individuum
Nezhyva O. M. University: periods of development
Ozminska I. Ways of language policy modernization in Ukraine
Petrychenko N. S. Axiological approach of plurilingual education
Slivinska A. F. Institutionalization of British clubs in the context of the national and regional specificity of the culture of the Enlightenment
Chornomorets E. M. Aesthetic contemplation in Homilies on Hexaemeron of St. Basil the Great
Sharko O. V. Vagueness and nonclassical truth values: manyvalued theories of vagueness
Shypko O. M. Features of communication processes in terms of the internationalization of higher education

Political sciences

Belozerova R. O. The transformation of power phenomenon in the Modern Age
Vasylchuk E. O., Chernova L. P. The political, informational and psychological and sociocultural measures for prevention and combating of illegal paramilitary and military units in Ukraine
Vonsovych O. S. Positive and negative aspects of the Annual National Program under the auspices of the UkraineNATO Commission for 2017
Goculyak V. M. Dialog and forming of political culture of personality
Ganbarova S. I. AzerbaijanArmenian relations in the 19181920years
Holovko I. . Global regionalization processes as a componenet of globalization processes in a postbipolar period
Grabina G. V. The subculture of the power of consolidated and defective democracies: a comparative analysis
Edeleva M. A. Governmental informational politics in the conditions of modernization of the political system of the modern Ukraine
Ishcheikin K. Y. The French experience of implementation the participatory budgeting as an instrument of participatory democracy
Kasianova M. M. The discourse of modern scientific research Eastern vector migration from Ukraine
lymenko E. U. Policy of Central Asian countries to the representatives of the Russian Diaspora
Miftahov B. G. Forecasting the results of the elections to the Bundestag in the Federal Republic of Germany based on local elections 2017
Rozumnyi O. M. The mechanisms of adoption and implementation of the state memory policy in Ukraine
Tarnavska A. V., Kuprii T. G. Political language in election campaigns that is a means of influence and manipulation
Kharytoniuk O. L. Decentralization 2016: elections test for Volyn region
Khonin V. M. The matrix of ranking of international technogenic relations. First and second coordinates
Shtepa A. A. The legal mentality of the Ukrainian ethnic group in a class measurement: state creative aspect
Yavir V. A. The role of information policy in the reintegration of Ukraine

Scientific life

Lastovsky V. V. A right for people is in the context of international relations and civilization processes. Book Review: Radziwill O. A. Right of peoples from the Neolithic to Modern times. .1. K.: NAU, 2017. 460 p.
Kaluga V. F. Review to the monograph: Tarasyuk L. S. Androgynous integrity as phenomenon of persons social existence: Monograph / L. S. Tarasyuk. Kyiv: Academy of Municipal Administration, 2017. 336 .
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