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Pashayev E. N. The transatlantic partnership in achieving the EU energy target: diversifying of energy supplies ( : )
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Bortnikova O. Basic management principles of religious and political space of Ukraine ( - )
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., . : Dymczyk R. Kobiety Świẹtej Góry Athos. Nieobecna obecność. Poznań: UAM, 2017. 228s. (. Ƴ . ³ . : , 2017. 228.)


Historical sciences

Zatorsky N. Traces of the vernacular in the Epistle of Misael
Verhoturova M. A. Collection of cannons of the 16th18th centuries in the collection of the King Jan III National Museum in Lviv
Fedenko O. O. The role of the Italian community in the development of the food industry of the Odessa at the end of the 19th the beginning of the 20th century
Nikolaychuk D. O. Socioprofessional portrait of civil governors in Kyiv (second half of ղ early century)
Kazakevych O. M. Ukrainian Hromada in Krakow (18971907)
Wowk L. G. Organization Uchitelska gromada: features f creation and directions of activity (19081909)
HaiNyzhnyk P. P. Mutual relations of Ukraine with France and Great Britain at Central Council (19171918): formation and disintegration
Mehring V. O. The process of formation of the Hetmanates government system and the participation of S. Mering in it
Dovgalets . Party of national minorities of the period of the Central Council: social and regional sector
Malec O. O. Provision of multiparticiality in Eastern Ukraine at the evaluation of the Ukrainian state (March April 1917)
Ruban V. Socioeconomic specifics Podillia during forced collectivision 19271932
Salata H. V. Scientific school of Professor L. D. Proskuryakov: Peter Kondratievich Khudyakov (18581935)
Stasyuk O. Y. The features of the organization and holding of the first elections to the Supreme Soviets of the USSR and the Ukrainian SSR in the western regions of Ukraine
Matiushko L. I. Political and national ideology of Galician Moskvofils in the interwar period
Humenyuk V. V. Clothes of the interwar period in the daily life of national minorities of the South of Ukraine
Ivanov Y. V. The system of social governance in an industrial society
Kazan E. M. Military service in Ukraine: development, features of the functioning and possible directions for reform
Slobodyanyuk M. . Antifascist Resistance movement in Ukraine through the prism of historical anthropology
Malaschuk O. S. Revenue of Ukraines vineorganization in 19441947
Lukyanenko . V. Carticature wars in the educational media of the Ukrainian SSR of the thaw period (19531964) (P.9)
Radchuk A. O. Mykhailo Starytskyi as an organizer of professional theatre in Upper Dnieper Ukraine
Yatsenco I. V., Prykhodko T. M., Golovko N. P. Modern view on creative heritage of Kharkiv scientist V.Ya.Danilevsky
Demyanchuk V. A. Repression and persecution of Ivan Gel in the early 60s the first half of the 80s. XX century
Sribna M. A. Stamps card Red Cross as a means of popularizing humanity and mercy
Pashayev E. N. The transatlantic partnership in achieving the EU energy target: diversifying of energy supplies
AliyevaMamedova G. Militarytechnical cooperation between the US and Azerbaijan in the postmodern era
Gusieva N. Yu. The study of the history of the student protest movement in the Federal Republic of Germany in the sixties of the twentieth century: sourcestudy aspect
Kotov S. M. The activity of the Sokol company in the conditions the political system of the Second Commonwealth

Philosophicl sciences

Besedina H. O. Conceptual influence of Karl Marxs philosophy on the theory of practice by Pierre Bourdieu
Bornovolokov O. V. Teaching of Evangelical Christians of the Holy Pentecost about Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Bredun I. V. Eschatology of Fate in the dimension of theological Origens thoughts
Grybovska M. V. Elite as a subject of state building in the doctrine developed by Vyacheslav Lypynskiy
Chernigova T. L. Anthropological senses of natural philosophy of M. Maeterlinck
Pasitschnyk I. Y. Aesthetics as gnoseologia inferior: the problem of the faculty of knowledge in Wolff and Baumgarten
Ilina H. V. Visual paradigm in empirical tradition of knowledge
Hnatiuk Ya. S. The Logic of dialectics as the Dialectical logic
Naryadzko G. Ya., Pastushenko O. V. Trust (sociophilosophical aspect)
Naumenko V. V. Semantic aspect of the concept of social responsibility
Bortnikova O. Basic management principles of religious and political space of Ukraine
Drapushko R. Features of tourism development in the context of intensification of intercultural communications
Drobotenko M. O. Philosophical counseling and psychotherapy: to the methodology of differentiation
Zavalnyuk E. V. Challenges of commercialization to the ideals of sport and physical culture
Kadievskaya I. A. Traditions of using the opportunities of positive psychology in various areas of life
Kyrychenko M. A. Digital culture as a result of information society culture development
limk I. G. Information and communication space of tourist activity
Koldunov Y. V. Wilderness and cultural landscape
Kolomiiets A. E. Formation of moral responsibility in Ukrainian contemporary political activity
Kontsurak . Theoretical and methodological principles of the study of the ecological component in the structure of Ukrainian politics (modern philosophical discourse)
Kutsepal S. V. The cinema and the society: aspects of interaction
Lavrynenko S. O. Aesthetics of Ukrainian choreography as a means of forming a national consciousness of a person
Maltsev O. V. The problem of human development in religious philosophical conceptions of XX century as a subject of philosophy and religious research
Shepetyak O. T. Assyrian Church of the East: a philosophical and religious studies review
Oleksin I. Ya. The value potential of sports activities in the universals of European culture
Pivovarska K. S. Canon vs fanon: a plurality of links
Solodilova O. V. Evaluation through the prism of the history of philosophy
Opanasyuk Yu. Formation of informational philosophy of education in the conditions of globalization
Velicodna Y. M. Media culture as a meaningful basis for media education
Yashina O. M. ostnonclassical paradigm of artistic and aesthetic education: conceptual and social aspects of formation
Tkachenko K. O. Advocacy ethics principles in modern Germany
Kravchenko S. S. The ideology of puritanism as the background of American philosophy of pragmatism
Kolesnichenko M. V. Some tendencies of interpretation of patriotism phenomenon in contemporary wester philosophical discourse
Zhyvohliadova I. V. Ethnic and national stereotypes formation: American artistic experience

Political sciences

Vasylchuk E. O. The influence of illegal paramilitary and armed formations on the crime situation in Ukraine
Yanovska O. V. Factors of the civil activity formation in the period of sociopolitical instability in Ukraine
Kopiika M. Features of formation of the image of Ukraine in the international informational space
Krugliak M. E. Political views of the Ukrainian students at the beginning of the 20th century
Kulyk V. G. The dynamics of the parliamentary agenda of educational policy in Ukraine (19982016)
Makarenko L. P. Formation of the political institutions of the civil society in Ukraine as the instrument of communicative influence on the state
Gavrilyuk G. I. The concept of defective democracy in posttransitological discourse
Goncharenko A. N. The asymmetric crises strategies effectiveness criteria in the contemporary hybrid war
Ievsiukova A. V. Political and legal support for the development of civic education in the Republic of Poland and Ukraine
Zakharenko K. State as a subject of information security of society
Uhryn L. Ya. Formation of integrative models of macropolitical identities: theoretical aspects
Buldovych P. V. The theory of institutional changes of Douglas North
Pavlyuk O. O. Mediastinalism and mediaization phenomena and their influence on international relations
Ishcheikin K. Y. Participatory budgeting in the context of the concepts of New localism and Big society
Kliuchnyk R. M. Social capital as a factor of political protest forming
Mishchenko A. M. Ethization of politics as a way of resolving contradictions between politics and morality in the Isaiah Berlins conception
Prykhnenko M. I. Great Britain as the Bridge between The Two Wests: two different games of Tony Blair
Vonsovych O. S. Characteristic features of the current state of security in the Mediterranean region
Zymenkova V. V. US counterterrorist operation in Afghanistan: militarypolitical aspects of planning
Khimyak A. V. Germanys role in resolving RussianUkrainian conflict
Shustenko S. O. The tools for strengthening societys trust to the government which is developed by the Council of Europe
Andriianova N. M. NATO transformation: goal, stages, directions

Scientific life

Krivosheya I., Moravets N. Review of the monograph: DymczykR. Women of The Holy Mount Athos. Impalpable presence. Poznan: UAM, 2017. 228p.
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