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Dyatlik T. N. The conflation in the Epistle to Galatians4:7 ( 4:7)
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Shukurova N. Y. The approach of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on the water issue (ϳ )

. . . . . .: . : , 2017. 500 .


Historical sciences

Levytskyi V. O. The light industry of Ukraine in the conditions of monopolitical capitalism (end of the XIXth beginning of the XXth century)
Sychevsky A. A. RussianOld Believers of VolynZhytomyr region in the XIX early XX century: vectors of immigration, social and legal situation, demographic changes
Stokolosa T. A. Trade of flour milling industry production on the territory of Volyn province in the second half of XIX at the beginning of XX century
Lysenko M. S. Activity of the Kiev Society of Agriculture from the description of the estates of the Ukrainian provinces (late XIX early XX century)
Hubytskyy L. V., Melnyk H. M. The Kyiv regular trade in the first half of XIX century
Ivanova L. G. The problem of autonomy, centralism and federalism in the UkrainianPolish political dialogue
Shpotj O. S. About place of Tripilskoy culture in the process of forming of Ukrainian nation
Knyhynytska O. V. Olena Stepaniv in the youth movement of Galicia at the beginning of the XX century
Trenkin Yu. V. Social composition of the participants of agricultural cooperation during the new economic policy
Chernega P., Fesenko V. Nationalcultural policy of the communist regime concerning the Polish ethnic minority in Ukraine (1920 mid 1930)
Shyshko O. G. The foodstuffs campaign in Odessa province in 1921: the bloody battle for bread
Voloshyn I. V. Specialized agricultural network Dobrobut activity for improving peasant culture of animal farming in Ukraine in the 1920s.
Kharlamov M. I., Gontarenko L. O. The activities of the industrial firefighters brigades in 19291934 in Ukraine
Hucalo L. V. Resettlement of the Jews of Volyn in the 1930s into the republican and AllUnion colonization funds
Nosa B. . The features of tourist activity in Transcarpathia in the conditions of the Hungarian occupation of 1939
Ruda O. V. Educational activity of the Polish Pedagogical Society Christian National Union of the Secondary School Teachers in the interwar Galicia
Marchenko A. I. Nikita Shapoval about the repressive nature of the establishment by the Russian Bolsheviks of power in Ukraine
Makarchuk S. S. The price of the betrayal (on materials of archival-criminal case of V. A. Kruglov)
Tarasenko O. O. Fedir Romer memories about St.Volodymyr University (school of historians of the St.Volodymyr University)
Nikolaeva N. B. Repressed scientist, mathematician, academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences Nikolai Filippovich Kravchuk (18921942)
Pavlenko S. F. The life realities of the late 20s of the 20th century and their interpretation in the diary entries of V.Vynnychenko
Salata H. V. Historical and scientific analysis of life and activity L.D.Proskuryakova (18581926) and his scientific and technical school in the context of the development of domestic bridge engineering and architecture
Terentyev M. Caring for the peasants of Ukraine about soldiers of the Red Army occupied by the German Wehrmacht of the territory (19411944)
Starzhets V. I. Students of Western Ukraine under the pressure of the Soviet totalitarian system (1944-1953 years)
Konyukhov S. V. Presentation of the image of Ukrainian nationalists during the Second World War in the Polish and Byelorussian textbooks
Chornij H. V. Politics of the soviet government in regards to womenmothers in the first postwar years (on the example of Western Ukrainian region)
Klubuk V. V. Irrigation and forestmelioration in the steppe zone of Ukraine. Lessons from the past in climate change
Lavrut O. A. Ways of forming the teachers worldview of the age of stagnation in the Ukrainian SSR
Lazurenko O. H. Organizing comrades courts of Ukrainian SSR in the early 1960s
Pylypiv I. V., Deliatynskyi R. I. Institute of military chaplains in Ukraine (XXXXI centuries): stages of development and role in the formation of the Ukrainian nation
Hurzhij . I., Merimerin E. . The reflection of the Hetmanate in the historical songs and dumas: historiography and research methodology
Yasynetska O. Monuments of the island of Ledynitsky and the PolishRussian dynastic context (XI century). To the millennium of the historical event
Veremeienko T. R. The sources to the history function of the KyivPechersk Lavra icon workshop (in the second half of the 18th early 19th century)
Adabash M. O. The extract of metric statements of the Kyiv Orthodox Diocese of 1778 as the source of the historical demography of Ukraine
Bachynska N. A. Kyiv scientific and educational school of library professionology (to the 50th anniversary of training of specialists in library and information industry at the Kiev national University of culture and arts)
Kalinichenko O. O. The National Flag of Ukraine as a Naval Jack: historical background and future prospect (fore 100th anniversary of raising the Ukrainian Flag on masts of the vessels of black sea fleet)
Kotsur V. V. Ethnopolitics in Ukraine after the Orange Revolution 20052010: ideasstrategies, unrealized projects
Bratus I. V., Mykhalevych V. V. Historical aspects of using internet technologies in art therapy (Padlet)
Filas V. M. The visual enhancement of private travel by the Northern Black Sea coast in the 2030s of the nineteenth century
Zaichko I. V. The great hoteliers of the late 19th first half of the 20th century
Nashchochyn O. M. Internal and external preconditions for the transformation process in Poland
Kazimov S. Yu. The history of Jews and Jewish faith in Quran Kareem
Hamidov A. B. In the 70th of the 20th century the role of Heydar Aliyevs general leader in the preparation and placement of highly qualified national staff
Korobchuk A. S. V. Sulgin about the cancellation of military courts and the death penalty in the Russian Empire

Philosophicl sciences

Aytov S. Sh. Historicalanthropological aspects of F.Braudel philosophy of history
Solovian V. S. Concept of national identity in philosophical and political studios of Ivan Mirchuk
Chuiko N. V. The concept of worldview as a method of achieving of a new in philosophy of P.V.Kopnin
Kotsiubniak T. A. Model of nonclassical liberalism in the philosophical and philosophical doctrine of F.Hayek
Okorokova V. V. The concept of social reality in philosophy P.Berger and T.Lukman
Sobolievskyi Y. A. The problem of the meaning of human existence in the philosophy of Henry David Thoreau
Saliy A. The tragedy of solitude in the works by V.G.Korolenko (historical and philosophical analysis)
Dyatlik T. N. The conflation in the Epistle to Galatians4:7
Zhen Jia. Dichotomy of views on personality in the philosophy of East and West
Kachmar O. V. Potential of religion in overcoming aggression in a secular society
Boyko P. Liturgical traditions of Kyivan Rus in the context of witness accounts about Askolds baptism
Heletjuk M. V. Information and communication means as ways of Christianization
Gotskaya E. M. Religious organizations as an object of legal regulation
Marinich V. K. Religions and the religiosity of the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt: analysis of the factors that influenced the formation of the modern common historical concept
Nesprava M. V. The reflection of the Christian ontology of law in the philosophy of cardiocentrism
Viktor I. V. Myth, tradition and ritual in the modern consumer society: philosophical and anthropological characteristics
Vysotska O. E. Transformation of consumer practices in postmodern society: from consumerism of ethics to the gift of ethics
Vatkovska M. G. Selfrealization of personality: the philosophical generalization attempt
Ventsel N. V. Sociphilosophical analysis of the activities of international organizations in the context of deepening nonlinearity of the worldsystem development
Halchenko M. S. Innovative content of postmodern thinking: content and structure
Dovgal S. A. Sociophilosophical analysis of the main trends in the development of modern media space
Martynov R. S., Bilous M. A. Technocratic consciousness: the origins and prospects of research
Ovcharenko N. M. Anthropological process of metaphorization as an element of the thinking process
Pashynska A. V. The role of parents in formation of selfidentity
Pushonkova O. A. Palimpsest as a metaphor for the memory of culture: the originality of visualization
Bondarchuk-Chugin I. Yu. Trends and Strategy of Tourism Development in Ukraine 1st.
Skyrtach V. M., Kovaleva O. V., Bobrov I. I. Strategies for the return of the subject
Babina S. I. A game of masks as a form of existential freedom
Livak V. A. Musical instruments and theoretical substantiation of their importance in the context of cultural and historical development
Fomenko A. V. Nietzschean narratives in political Orthodoxy
Yuldasheva I. A. Music art as communication in the philosophical discourse of the XIXXX century
Khromets V. L. Antinomies of the development of theological education in postSoviet Ukraine
Parfnova . . Investigation of the actual state of the legislative and normative base of the system of general secondary education in modern Ukraine
Shevchenko M. . Socialphilosophical concept of scientificeducational ensuring of public administration in the sphere of national security of Ukraine
Gao Weizheng. Metamorphoses of education: institutional and functional context
Honcharenko O. A. The Idea of University in LvivWarsaw School. Article5. Relationships between a University Teacher and Students
Fedenko S. M. Formation of professional competence of future specialists in the pharmaceutical industry

Political sciences

Alali Ahmad. Democratic political management: technological and institutional basis of good governance in conditions of transformation
Zgurska V. L. Activation of citizen participation as a precondition of selforganization processes in society
Stepko O. M. Use of UN information and communication strategies for improving the organization image
Halona A. Y. Evolution of relations between Ukraine and Uzbekistan and some aspects of potential cooperation in the global dimension
Vonsovych O. S. Status of in the US National Security Strategy 2017
Gotsulyak V. M. F.Prokopovich: sociopolitical thought of Ukraine and imperial Russian doctrine of the XVIII century
HaiNyzhnyk P. P. Destruction and takeover: plans of the leadership of the Russian Federation on the split and destruction of the state of Ukraine (20142015)
Kurando O. S. Party and electoral policy as a factor of foreign policy strategy evolution of Barak Obamas administration
Lada O. V. Trends of political government transformations in the post socialist period of the late xx early xxi century: political racurs of problems
Mostipan O. M. Taika Edict as a monument of Japanese political and legal thought in the 7th century
Khorishko L. S. Experience of institutionalization of the elite in the processes of modernization of the political system of Turkey (19191930)
Sharan O. V. National and international political mechanisms of suppression of separatism in Spain (exemplified by Catalonia)
Litovchenko K. G. Transformation of the left flank of the political spectrum in Spain: a rapid takeoff of Podemos
Shypunov H. V. Third Way: the ideological and institutional evolution of Social Democratic Party of Germany
Shukurova N. Y. The approach of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on the water issue

Scientific life

Pylypchuk O. Ya. Review of the monograph by O. Tveritnikova. Electrotechnical branch of Ukraine of the second half of the 20th century: directions of development and achievements. Kharkiv: "Tim Packish Group", 2017. 500 p.
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