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Hüseynov İ. Muzeylərin inkişaf mərhələlərinə tarixikulturolojibaxiş ( )
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Shatalov Ye. O. The role of language and community in theology ( 㳿)
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Historical sciences

Bratus I. V., Gunka A. M. Modern aspects of the translation of social experience
Soroka Y. M. Volyn land in written and archaeological sources (middle Imillennium XIII century)
Stepanchuk Y. S. The B.Khmelnytskys CrimeanTurkish strategy in the modern polish historiography
Hucalo L. V., Mishchuk G. A. Mykola Khomychevsky (Borys Ten): biography, creative and public activity
Nikolaeva N. B. The Professor of Kyiv State University Shlem German: how he was repressed
Dobriian D. M. The participation of Olexander Murashko in the reorganization of artistic education in 19181919 and his project of a graduate system of professional artistic education
Latysh Yu. V. Prerequisites and deployment of Ukrainianization policy
Krasilnikova O. V. Activities of the AllUkrainian Orthodox Church Council on the organization of the AllUkrainian Orthodox Church Congress of 1921
Shyshko O. G. The fight against Bolshevism of the State Guard in Kherson hubernia
Kunytskyy M. P. The preferential regime of taxation of the local society in the Reichskommisariat Ukraine (19411944)
Mamrotskaya O. A. The Ukrainian womens of nationalist subfield in memoiristics
Kylchitska O. V. Ukrainian SSR at the UN in 19451991: a conceptual approach
Ryabchikova N. I. The activity of public organizations of the south of Ukraine in retention of historical heritage in 1966 at the beginning of 1990
Strelchuk A. V. Their manners and ammusements: the image of the west on the pages of the soviet satherical journals (19601980)
Korniienko O. V. Raising taste: the discourse on fashion in soviet society
Melnyk V. V. Scientificorganizational bases of development of turkey farming in Ukrainian SSR in the second half of the 20th century
Kazan E. M. Problems of military medical education during the years of Ukrainian independence and ways of their solution during the ATO
Raqimova Sh. K. European Union and foreign policy of Ukraine (until 2013)
Pilkevych V. O. The activities of UNESCO in scientific field
Vituk M. M. Traditional ritual food of West Podillya
Zerkal M. M. A historical sketch of certain aspects of the development of amateur and documentary films on the example of Mykolaiv region
Ivantsiv N. A. Wedding ceremony in Opilie (on the example of Zhydachiv district of Lviv region)
Kirchev V. G. Development of amateur cinematography in the Khersons region in the 1950s 1990s
Lazarenko V. G. The sources of the studies of the medal Veteran of labor and its certificate
Hryhoruk N. A. The situation of the Balkan peoples in the late 60s in the early 70s of the nineteenth century
Petrychak I. V. Colonial adventure in Africa: PolishLiberian relations in 19331938
Cherkasov S. S. The policy of religious conflict: the features of the development of the Reformation movement in Poland in the late XVIth early XVIIth centuries
Trotsenko O. V., Romanova S. S. Publicism and imaginative literature as a source of peasants daily life research of the Russian Empire in the second half of the IX century (on the example of the S.Terpigorevs works)
Lysenko M. S. Agricultural Societies in Public Thought of the Russian Empire (the end of the XIX the beginning of the XX century)
Gaibaliyeva N. Question of territorial integrity in the external policy of the Azerbaijan Republic
Huseynov I. The historicalcultural view to the development stages of the museums
Veyselova V. R. In the xix the beginning of the 20th centuries of hospitality in the Gyanjabasar region
Mammadov K. A. History of library marketing in Azerbaijan

Philosophicl sciences

Pavlyshyn L. H. Arthur Schopenhauer: irrational basis of pessimistic humans being
Borodenko O. V. Existential space of selfexile: Ch.Baudelaire and A.Rimbaud
Maksyuta M. E., Kolomiets A. I., Kulakova L. V., Sokolova O. M. Grigory Skovoroda and the ideas of freedom and civilian humanism in the Ukrainian philosophy of the 19th the first third of the XX century: some aspects of the problem
Saliy A. Existential motives of solitude in the philosophical prose by Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi
Solovyan V. S. Conceptualization of the National Identity of Ukrainians in Ethnopsychological Studies V.Yaniv
Buriak N. Comparative analysis of nonviolence ideas of ethics by Leo Tolstoy and Erich Fromm in Christianity
Fadzeyeu M. S. Hans Urs vonBalthasars dramatic theology
Strielkova Yu. A. Christian existentialism and dialectics of S.Kierkegaard as the ideological source of dialectical theology
Sokolovsky O. L. Christological discourse in the period of the Fifth Ecumenical Council
Stankevich V. A. Emerging student practices in the modern evangelical environm
Balitskaya M. R. The duality of the pragmatic and sacred in the iconographic tradition
Hura V. O. History and eschatological motives of the religious emigration process of late Protestants from the USSR in period from 1987 to 2017
Kondratieva I. V. Features of the formation of the institutions of the church of the East
Shatalov Ye. O. The role of language and community in theology
Chornobai V. A. Loneliness and gender, gender differences in the experience of loneliness among Christians
Rychko V. Yu. The educating activity of Pochayiv Monastery and its role in forming ethnical identification of Ukrainian society: the historical retrospective
Filipenko N. G. Kyiv philosophical societies in the early 20th century: cultural crossroads
Halchenko M. S. The contours of postmodern thinking: from objective to potential of subjectivity
Dandekar D. Phenomenon charisma of the political leader summary
Shevchenko Z. V. Selfaffirmation in virtues as a model for obtaining social identity in the philosophy of the Renaissance
Okorokova V. V. Postmodern understanding of social reality
Pashynska A. V. Prerequisites of the solid selfidentiti of human: tenderness to oneself and search for meaning of life
BondarchukChugina I. Yu., Boicheva N. M. Features of modern tourism and its importance for the development of the 21st century society
Bilanov O. S. Mental illness and its anthropological contexts
BondarchukChugina I. Yu., Buduratskaya V. O. Tourist activity as a means of actualization of cultural regional resources
Borozdykh N. V. Popular science magazines: realities and problems
Gapchenko O. V. Ukrainian intellectual elite and a new style of life
Kalinina L. A. Ukrainian people vertepy theater how culturalhistorical phenomenon
Kryvitchenko O. O. Do qualia exist: dispute of functionalists and nonreductive physicalists
Lihus M. V. Performance as a reflexive act of selfpresentation
Melnyk V. V. Specificity of the structure of the Kantian argumentation concerning the concept of unity of apperception
Teteryatnikov K. V. Labor ethics and morality in the modern era
Skorik V. A. Fashion: definition, functions and features in the contemporary society of consumption
Kryvega L. D., Sukhareva E. V. Egypt: philosophy of becoming a new social reality
Odrobinsky Yu. V., tlanov V. V. Archetypes of images of woodcarved basreliefs
Zaika T. P. Cultural competence in educational space of modern Ukraine: concept, structure and ways of forming (philosophical aspect of analysis)
Lisitsin V. V. The common human values: content of notion, dominant components, role in the educational space
Terepishchii S. A., Dunets V. B., Dodonov D. R. Experience of displaced universities of the Russian empire at the time of the First World War
Nezhyva O. M. Educational policy in the Kingdom of Norway: connection of history, present and future
Stoian S. P. Visual symbols in primitive imagery

Political sciences

Bortnikova A. V. Temporal conditionality of the traditions forming and the political institutions and processes evolution
Buryachenko O. V. Reputation of the political party: structural components and socialfunctional functions
Shuliak S. O., Lyubarov Y. I. A new paradigm of public administration
Yakovleva L. I. The sources of legitimity of democratic power
Furmanyuk M. I. Articulation of Ukrainian statebuilding ideology in the documents of political parties in the period from the end of the XIXth to the middle of the XXth century
Shypunov H. V. Specificity of leftright partyideological differentiation in postcommunist states
Godny S. P. Lobism: kays approaches to modern defense
Ilnickiy I. L., Seredenko M. M. A method of evaluation and prognostication of social and political situation is after highly technological directions in soldiery conflicts of contemporaneity
Nakonechnyi V. S. Ethnic separatism: the essence of the phenomenon
HaiNyzhnyk P. P. UkrainianRussian intergovernmental relations between 20102012 during the first phase of the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych
Gapchenko O. V. Ukrainian intellectual elite and a new style of life
Gerasymchuk T. F. Implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union: particular qualities of communication
Gotsulyak V. M. Legitimation of the Cossacks as a political force in the Samovydets Chronicle
Ievsiukova A. V. The influence of civic education on the formation of a modern citizen of a democratic state: specificity in Ukraine
ManailoPrykhodko R. Yu. Influence of Constituent Elections on the Evolution of the Party System of Ukraine
Sych O. M. Revolution of Dignity: the context of permanent revolutionary process and periodization
Siabro A. V. The modern condition of development of information and communication technologies in Ukraine
Vonsovych O. S. Politicianship in the migration policy of the United States of America
Danylets V. L. The impact of economic factors on US policy toward Western European in the second half of the 1950s late 1960s
Zabiian V. V. The role of China in BRICS from the point of view of bilateral relations with member states
Krupenya I. M. The architect of the Malaysian miracle
Miraferhim Seidov. Management system of area, district and cities in Azerbaijan in the 15th century
Mostipan O. M. Shoku Nihongi as a political treatise on the history of Japan in the VII century
Tkachuk T. A. Austrian Anschluss and the position of the West
Podobed P. K. Features of the activity of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea
Horiunova E. A. The Crimean aspect of the antiRussian sanctions of the European Union

Scientific life

Lysenko O. Y. Review of the monograph: PodobedO. Ukrainian planet of the D: culture and everyday life. Zhytomyr: ublish. O.O.Evenkov, 2018. 396p.
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