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Mammadov A. A. Prospects of the transit of Caspian oil and gas to the EU projects ( )


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Historical sciences

Cherkasov S. S. Conceptual approaches to the definition of the Reformation in the discourse of the modern unconventional historiography
Bagro S. O. Isolation of ones own homeland in the Cossack political rhetoric of the second half of the XVII century
Shalashna N. M. State ideas in the Chronics of the Theodosius Sofonovich
Shemeta Y. M. Conflicts between teachers, staff and students of gymnasiums, progymnasiums and technical schools at Kiev Educational District in 18321882
Filas V. M. Painting and graphics of the Northern Black Sea region of the last quarter of the 18th the middle of the 19thcentury: source study classification
Knyhynytska O. V. Participation of Olena Stepaniv in final stage of formation of Ukrainian riflemen (19131914)
Koliada I., Zhilinkova I. Kyiv Civilian Governor O.M.Ignatiev during the First World War (19151917): historical portrait
Marchenko A. I. M. Shapoval in the struggle for the preservation of Ukrainian national identity and the revival of statehood
Savchenko I. V. The Womans Face of the Bolshevik Party in Zaporozhzhie in the late 1910s1920s
Bublii I. O. Specificity of Bolshevik propaganda in Ukrainian village (1919 early 1920s)
Trenkin Yu. V. Organizational and financial provision of agrocultural measures of agricultural cooperatives in the era of NEP
Kunitsky M. P. Taxes and tax payments on the territory of the Reichskommissariat Ukraine in the system of economic exploitation of the local population (19411944)
Masliuk O. H. The restoration and the activity of the Kyiv Film Studio of Fiction Films in 19441945
Prokopov V. Yu. Religion and superstition in the Ukrainian insurgent milieu in Zakerzonnia (19431947)
Smyrnov A. I. The archpastoral activity of bishop of VolodymyrVolynsk Manuil Tarnavskyi in Nazioccupied Ukraine
Shulha S. A. The Czechs of Western Volyn in the conditions of Sovietization in 19391941
Fulmes V. The Local Orthodox Church in Ukraine: view of Metropolitan of Western European and Parisian Anatoly (Dublyansky)
Stasuk O. Y. The day of elections to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on February10, 1946, in the western regions of the Ukrainian SSR
Dovbnia O. A. Modern domestic historiography of the repressive policy of the Soviet State regarding the Protestant denominations in the Ukrainian SSR, 19441964
Lazurenko O. H. Features of liberalization of the judicial system in Cherkassy region during thaw period
Bey R. V. Theoretical and methodological foundations of the establishment of the alcohol industry
Voloshyn I. V. The activity of the specialized agricultural network Dobrobut on the increase in the number of members of meat and dairy cooperation in the period of NEP
Govorovskiy A. V. Legal regulation of postal communication in Ukraine
Lysenko M. S. The Volyn Society of Hops: littleknown pages of history (the beginning of the XXth century)
Ihnatenko M. M. Development trends of cooperative in Ukrainian village during the first years of independence (19912005)
Kozhuharenko L. V. The role of the volunteer movement in reforming the Ukrainian Army
Stepanchuk Y. S. Bohdan Khmelnytskys political conceptions at the initial stage of the national liberation war (spring autumn of 1648) in the interpretation of the modern Russian historians
Tkachuk A. I. Prerequisites and the course of the CossackPeasant War led by Bogdan Khmelnytsky in the interpretation of contemporary Polish historiography
Chutkyi . I. Higher Education Institutions of Kyiv in the conditions of the First World War: Students Attitude to Mobilization as an Indicator of Loyalty to the Empire
Barvinska P. I. Eduard Winter: from theologian of AustroHungarian Empire to the academic of the German Democratic Republic
Bevzyuk E. V. The sources of research of the spiritual awakening process of the Lusatian Serbs
Mammadov A. A. Prospects of the transit of Caspian oil and gas to the EU projects

Philosophicl sciences

Pavlova T. S. The phenomenon of normative behavior in the philosophy of I.Kant
Strielkova Yu. A. The concepts of analogia fide and analogia relationis in the ecology of K.Barta: episemological, anthropological and ecumenic potential
Shevchenko Z. V. Freedom to gain self in communicating with the Other in Karl Jaspers philosophy
Aytov S. Sh. Hermeneutic sociohumanitarian intension of philosophical knowledge of V.Dilthey and modern philosophy of history
Martsinishin Yu. D. Approaches of D.Menleleev, K.Timiryazev, S.Podolinsky, V.Vernadsky and N.Rudenko to the definition of the energy factor in the development of human civilization: the attempt of comparative analysis
rekh V. I. The role of saint Dimitry preaching, metropolitan of Rostov, in establishment of modern church sermon
Rosybitska G. P. Mystical appearance as a subject of religious studies
Rubsky V. M. Energeia of Aristotelian metaphysics in the Christian worldview system
Ruban O. Changing ideological settings in the gender sphere of modern Ukrainian society: the genderrole aspect
Babuk V. L. Relevanceaudience notion: between the argumentation theory and cognitive linguistics
Didenko L. V. An existence: the boundary components
Kysliy . . Problem of social ideal in philosophical comprehention
Kostyuk O. P. Eastern philosophical anthropological tradition in the initiation of the hairstyle
Lavrova L. V. orporealityin terms of virtual sociocultural space
Lazareva M. L. Energyefficient technologies in the process of construction of the future society
Kadievskaya I. A., Naryadzko G. Ya., Chernyaev I. The phenomenon of trust as a component of sustainability public relations
Petik Ia. O. Formal system of the logic of action procedure semantics on the basis of BDIlogic
Sahuichenko V. V. Educational institutions in the historical retrospective: the cultural status of educational institutions in the days of antiquity
Baklachova T. M. Antropologization of historical knowledge as one of the directions of providing competent approach to teaching in higher educational institutions
Drobotenko M. O. Educational selfrealization of philosophy: educational gerontology
Ryazantseva . . Implementation of the ideas of the Reformation in the principles of the education of modern Protestant pedagogics.
Prikhodko V. V., Tymofieiev O. V., Chernigivska S. A. To the methodology of reforming the discipline Physical education in the Ukrainian high school

Political sciences

Stoyko O. M. Energy cooperatives as the main form of civil society participation in energy transit
Tsyrfa I. A. Formation of the foreign policy identity of the state: social and cultural dimension
Kluienko E. O. Political streetart in the context of society types and globalization manifestations
Bondarenko O. I. The Social Context of Disintegrational Regionalization in EU Countries
Kuprii T. G., Tarnavska A. V. Gastronomy as mean of political influence
Ryzhuk O. M. Information warfares in the modern information area
Gioane I. M. The main aspects of the study of the political choice process
Sych O. M. Influence of the Ukrainian nationalist structures on the course of the Revolution of Dignity of 20132014
Vonsovych O. S. Celebration of the 1030th anniversary of the Baptism of Kyivan Rus: political aspects
HaiNyzhnyk P. P. UkrainianRussian intergovernmental relations between 20132014 during the second phase of the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych
Gerasymovych V. A. Role and importance of political negotiations during the Revolution of Dignity
Demydenko O. I. Consequences of the Intellectual Migration Processes for the Ukrainian State and Society
Derevinsky V. F. Models of national consolidation of Ukrainian society
Shypunov H. V. The concept of Socialism in One Country and intraparty struggle in RCP(b)/AUCP(b)
Zamikula H. O. Ahmet Davutoğlus foreign policy concept: the main theoretical positions
Kan Den Sik. Situation changes and prospects solution of the Korean problem
Klyuchkovych A. Yu. The development of relations between the state and the nongovernmental sector in the Slovak Republic
Litovchenko K. G. Socialist Party of the Netherlands: old name, new content
Mamedov K. The importance of the energy factor incooperation of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the EU
Pikovskaya T. V. National issues in the programs of Slovak autonomists in the First Czechoslovak Republic (19181938)
Charles McGrath. Ukrainian Political Figures in History. Kyivan Rus

Scientific life

Kulish P. L. Review of the monograph:Vergeles K.M/ Anthropological dimensions of Orthodoxy: the methodology of the research
essence and meanings: monograph / K.M. Vergeles. Vinnitsa: 2017. 300s.
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