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Ostanek A. A. Nasze dzisiaj i nasze jutro na Wołyniu. Niepublikowany referat ppłk. dypl. Mariana Morawskiego na temat wizji przyszłości Wołynia w granicach IIRzeczypospolitej
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. . 䳿 1930 ( Cuando Ucrania perdio el grano y la vida Valencia, 2016)
. . (18811938 .)
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. . : .. ( ղ ղ.): ; . . .. , ., .., ³: ͳĻ, 2017, 550.


Historical sciences

Zborovskaya O. P. Organizational development of the Russian Orthodox church (X XIII centuries)
Soroka Yu. M. VolhynGalician state during the reign of Danylo Romanovych
Rusavskaya V. A. Innovative potential of hospitality facilities of Ukrainian cities of the nineteenth century through the prism of modernization processes
Berest I. R. The gradual society of lviv printers. Role, value and activity
Birova O. U. Historical heritage of the Kharitonenko family in the village of Volodymyrivka
Lysenko M. S. The Odessa Society of Agriculture in the memoirs of I.G.Palimpsestov (the second half of the XIXth century)
Buigasheva A. B. Family life and works Fedorov
Ostanek A. A. Our today and our tomorrow in Wolyn. Unpublished report by Lt. Col. Marian Morawski on the vision of the future of Wolyn in the Second Polish Republic
Rudnytska L. V. Rokitne glass factory during the revolution of 19051907
Treytyak D. V. Greece ethnic minor in the territory of Ukraine in the 20th 30th years of the XX century: historiography of the problem
Yushchenko P. A. The historical memory of the KyivRus heritage in the statebuilding processes of the Central Rada
Gritsenko A. A. Simon Petliura surrounded by comrades and opponents (based on materials of the emigrants epistolary heritage)
Zinkevych R. D., Bukovsky I. V. 3rd Ukrainian nationwide military congress and its value
Pozdniakova I. S. Control over foreign literature dissemination as one of the directions of soviet censorship policy in the 1929s
Dvorkin I. V. Museum affairs in Ukrainian revolution period (in dedication to the 100th anniversary of the revolutionary events)
Lytvyn N. N. Analytical view of Spanish researchers in the event of Ucraine in the 1930s (on the materials of the international conference Cuando Ucrania perdio el grano y la vida Valencia, 2016)
Kharlamov M. I. Vasily Florovych Smirnov (18811938) a tragic fate of the assistant chief of the Kharkiv firefighting technical school
Lavnichek M. R. Museum personnel policy implemented by the Soviet Union in the western regions of Ukraine in 19391941
Kunytskyy M. P. Fees in the system of tax payments in the territory of the Reichskommissariat Ukraine
Drogomyretska L. R., Malyk A. R. Repressions against the peasants of western Ukraine during the collectivization period of 19451952
Protsenko Y. O. Discourse of sources about cultural processes in Donbass region during the Second World War
Kostyuchok P. L., Sahaydachna K. A. German occupation on the territory of Berezhany district
Sylka O. S. Public activities in overcoming child homelessness, homelessness and crime in 19421945 years
Skopnenko B. O. Personal identification tags of servicemen of the 14th Grenadier SS Division Galicia
Chuiko R. V. Loss and destruction of regional state archives of Ukraine during the Second World War
Verbytskyi B. D. The struggle of dissertations and human rights creators for activation of public-political life in the end of the 80`s - at the beginning of the 90th century
Danylyuk I. Yu. Scientific and educational museums of IvanoFrankivsk region
Kharlamova A. . Collection of medieval stone sculpture of V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University
Lukashenka A. I. Ukrainian mentality and historical and cultural space in the context of development of ethnic tourism and rebranding of Ukrainian tourism product
Mikhalevich V. V., Bratus I. V., Gunka A. M. History of development of childrens book in modern Ukraine
Falko S. A. From the history of a military cooperation in Asia in the second half of the XIX century a weapon export from Russian imperial army arsenals to the East
Osmolovskaya O. Yu., Minich N. P. Calvinistic Reformation in Geneva during the reign of the old aristocracy (1540-1554)
Fedchuk O. B. The reflection of the statepolitical traditions of the Crimean Khanate in the palace architecture of Hansaray
Bezzubenko A. V. Foundation of PolishCzechSlovak Solidarity in 19902000s
Burachok L. V., Boyko N. I. John Kennedys presidency in the world of American sources and historiography
Yushkevych V. V. American strategies of relief to political refugees before and at the beginning of WWII
Haladzhii O. V. American factor in AustralianChinese relations
Gahramanova Z. N. Historical and geographic territories of the albanian province of uti in the early medium-term
Hrehul A. O. Mithridates VI eupator and his inner circle (from the ancient sources to receptions of the renaissance)
Radchenko I. G. Activities of charitable organizations in France during the Holocaust: a general aspect
Rudnichuk A. A. Features of the economic development of the Rheinland cities of Germany in the XIVXV centuries

Scientific life

Andreev V. M. Review of the monograph: PhilasV.M. Visual development of the Northern Black Sea coast of the last quarter of the XVII the middle of the XIX century. Source analysis, Zaporozhye: Publishing House of the Khortytska National Academy, 2018.
Kovalenko N. P. Review of the monograph: OrekhivskyiV.D. Evolution of scientific bases of organic agriculture in Ukraine (the second half of I is beginning of ղ of century): monograph; sciences. editor of d. s.g. sciences, professor, academician NAAS V..Vergunov, Vinnitsa: NilanLTD, 2017, 550p.
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