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Historical sciences

Shevchenko N. V. Notary of Ukraine in the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries: historiography of the problem
Demchenko A. V. Nutrition of workers of metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centurys, in the context of their everyday life
Lysenko M. S. Problems of the south in the memories of I.G.Palimpsestov (the second half of the XIXth century)
Zahorulko R. O. T.Shevchenko in the mirror of publications in Kyiv newspapers of 19051914
Khomych P. M. The fighting in Volyn Polissya during the First World War in the coverage of national historiography
Pikovskaya T. V. Activity of Ukrainian intelligentsia is in industry of education in the First Czechoslovak republic (19181938)
Evsyukova O.G. The cottage and handicraft industry of Kharkiv city in the period of the Nep in the historiography of the 1920s.
Zhelyezko A. M. M. Grushevsky fundator of the network of ethnological scientificresearch institutions in the VUAN system 19241930
Chagovets T. V. Financial Policy in Housing Issues in the Period of the New Economic Policy in Ukraine (19211928)
HaiNyzhnyk P. P. Carpathian Ukraine (Subcarpathian Rus) 19381939 as one of the modest coins of the Munich Treaty
Kostyuk L. V. Activities of O.KandybaOlzhych in the development of CarpathoUkraine
Dzyublenko I. M., Slyshchenko Ya. Yu. National policy of the USSR concerning the Jewish ethnic minority in the 20s and 40s of the twentieth century
Stasiuk I. M., Hnidyk I. I. Pastoral work of Father Omelian Kovch on the territory of Peremyshlyansk region in the 20s - in the early 40s of the twentieth century
Sevastyanov A. V. Study of history of the region on the pages of scientific journal (19251929)
Lyseyko Ya. B., Melnik R. P. Ideological formation and activity of Peter Fedoriv before the Second World War
Terentyev M. O. Politics of the Stalinist regime concerning children and adolescents during the GermanSoviet war and care for them by the peasants of Ukraine 19411945
Ivanenko A. O. Civil legislation lawmaking of local government bodies at the beginning of Hitler occupation (on the example of Kyiv City Council)
Vtryak M. N. Politics of historical memory during the presidency of Leonid Kuchma
Berezovska T. V., Sharata N. G. Scientific accuracy or scientific acquisitions in the reconstruction of life of a relevant personality
Holubets I. M. Tourist trips as a historical phenomenon of humanity: problem statement
Hnidyk I. I., Stasiuk I. M. Modern innovative approaches in the sphere of historical and cultural heritage
Kharlamov M. I. The life and activities of the chief of the Fire Department of Kharkov Mykoly Vasyliovych Mykhailov
Solovey G. M. Payment of research establishments is in development and introduction of against erosive technologies in the Western region of Ukraine (1990th are 2010th years)
Ivanov D. I. Foreign Policy Doctrine of the British Conservative Party in Election Manifestos, 19922010
Bidun Yu. V. Historiography of secondary spiritual education in the Ukrainian lands of the Russian Empire in the writings of modern Ukrainian researchers (after 1991)
Verbytskyi B. D. Foreign political deputy activity of Bohdan Horyn in 19921994
Dubova S. V. The problem of defining the concept of indigenous peoples in the activities of international organizations
Bukovsky I. V., Zinkevych R. D. Technological features of making a medieval sword
Konyukhov S. V. Features of functioning of alternative stories in the symbolic space of the museum. Museum as a place to imagine
Mukhanov V. M. Historical and economic aspects of the formation of the domestic branch of industrial cultivation of soybeans at the end of the XX at the beginning XXI century
Oprya B. O. Background of the origin and development of the historicalcultural tourism in KamianetsPodilsky
Plazova T. I. Ukrainian interwar emigration in Austria
Masny V. O. The security component of USYugoslavia relations between the mid-1940s and the mid-1960s
Karikov S. A. The Lutheran confessionalization and George of Saxon
Gold A., Dorosheva A. . Antifascist movement on the lands of Southern Bessarabia in 19411944 and the collapse of Romania
Horopakha S. V. Specifics of implementation by Croatia its course for integration in the EU in 20112013
Shcherbyna N. F. Historical experience of functioning of Lancasters schools in South Besarabia
Gadirov V. I. Garabagh the historical territory of Azerbaijan
Hasanova A. International Relations of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan
Fokin D. A. Adventist subculture as part of the unofficial culture of the USSR
Hryhoruk N. A. The life of the population Russian Emperor PaulI
Striliuk O. B., Yachmenichin K. M. Stolypins and Hurliands cooperation in the solving of the Finnish question
Gutsalo S. Ye. Integration processes in the regions of Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf in the context of struggle for unity of the Gulf countries in the conditions of changes of subregional situations
Hrytsiuk V. M. Cavalrymen in the offensive operations of the Ukrainian fronts in 1944
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